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  2012 Careflight Ride at St Albans NSW

The Careflight Ride was held at St Albans NSW on 9/10 June 2012. Here is a selection of photos. Many more photos were taken at the event. email me your bib number, horse colour and any other identifying details and I will send out thumbnails, all of which are available as high resolution jpegs or prints.
Click on picture to see an enlarged image.
The printed image is of much higher quality than that shown on the screen.

IMGP1808 IMGP1814 IMGP1815 IMGP1836 IMGP1863
IMGP1871 IMGP1878 IMGP1902 IMGP1903 IMGP1917
IMGP1920 IMGP1932 IMGP1945 IMGP1965 IMGP1982
IMGP1744 IMGP1764 IMGP1780 IMGP1859 IMGP1955
IMGP1997 IMGP2002 IMGP2022 IMGP2088 IMGP2090
IMGP1964 IMGP2018 IMGP2100 IMGP2154 IMGP2196
IMGP2095 IMGP2120 IMGP2132 IMGP2136 IMGP2140
IMGP2150 IMGP2165 IMGP2176 IMGP2209 IMGP2225
IMGP2226 IMGP2239 IMGP2276 IMGP2296 IMGP2306
IMGP2235 IMGP2240 IMGP2312 IMGP2320 IMGP2341
IMGP2326 IMGP2328 IMGP2339 IMGP2352 IMGP2468
IMGP2365 IMGP2400 IMGP2412 IMGP2432