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  2012 The Q60 trainer & Social rides & Bahrain Challenge at Colo NSW
Saturday 6 October 2012

Here is a selection of my photos. I took many more photos at the event; email me your bib number, horse colour and any other identifying details and I will send out thumbnails, all of which are available as high resolution jpegs or prints.
Click on picture to see an enlarged image.
The printed image is of much higher quality than that shown on the screen.

IMGP5797 IMGP5799 IMGP5816 IMGP5882 IMGP5880
IMGP5822 IMGP5825 IMGP5893 IMGP5905 IMGP5908
IMGP5832 IMGP5833 IMGP5840 IMGP5918 IMGP5896
IMGP5884 IMGP5806 IMGP5809 IMGP5828 IMGP5929
IMGP5847 IMGP5931 IMGP5853 IMGP5917 IMGP5944
IMGP5992 IMGP6013 IMGP5866 IMGP6039 IMGP6045