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  2012 Sassafras Ride
25 November 2012

Here is a selection of my photos. I took many more photos at the event; email me your bib number, horse colour and any other identifying details and I will send out thumbnails, all of which are available as high resolution jpegs or prints.
The printed image is of much higher quality than that shown on the screen.
Click on picture to see an enlarged image.

IMGP7443 IMGP7353 IMGP7543
IMGP7089 IMGP7125 IMGP7131 IMGP7108 IMGP7238
IMGP7204 IMGP7178 IMGP7265 IMGP7295 IMGP7297
IMGP7209 IMGP7316 IMGP7323 IMGP7332
IMGP7169 IMGP7133 IMGP7095 IMGP7251 IMGP7329 IMGP7385
IMGP7214 IMGP7220 IMGP7241 IMGP7337 IMGP7339
IMGP7261 IMGP7320 IMGP7625 IMGP7369 IMGP7382
IMGP7263 IMGP7393 IMGP7399 IMGP7402
IMGP7467 IMGP7404 IMGP7413 IMGP7418
IMGP7159 IMGP7428 IMGP7438 IMGP7513 IMGP7482 IMGP7599
IMGP7269 IMGP7495 IMGP7500 IMGP7517 IMGP7547
IMGP7473 IMGP7575 IMGP7580 IMGP7611
IMGP7620 IMGP7622 IMGP7631 IMGP7633
IMGP7557 IMGP7616 IMGP7365