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  2012 Cedar Ridge Easter Carnival at Oberon

Here is a selection of photos from the hugely-successful Cedar Ridge Easter Carnival on 7/8 April 2012. There are many more. If you saw me on the course the chances are that I took your photo, so email me your name, bib colour and number and I will send you thumbnails, all of which are available as high resolution jpegs or prints.
Click on picture to see enlarged image.
The printed image is of much higher quality than that shown on the screen.

IMGP0481 IMGP0485 The Winners - IMGP0789 IMGP0418 IMGP0422
IMGP0441 IMGP0446 IMGP0452 IMGP0466 IMGP0468
IMGP0486 IMGP0490 IMGP0496 IMGP0500 IMGP0505
IMGP0507 IMGP0512 IMGP0518 IMGP0523 IMGP0536
IMGP0542 IMGP0548 IMGP0564 IMGP0569 IMGP0594
IMGP0602 IMGP0989 IMGP0626 IMGP0632 IMGP0648
IMGP0650 IMGP0653 IMGP0655 IMGP0658 IMGP0673
IMGP0688 IMGP0694 IMGP0698 IMGP0705 IMGP0707
IMGP0714 IMGP0740 IMGP0754 IMGP0412 IMGP0799
IMGP0807 IMGP0813 IMGP0818 IMGP0821 IMGP0829
IMGP0833 IMGP0846 IMGP0854 IMGP0863 IMGP0869
IMGP0877 IMGP0883 IMGP0894 IMGP0905 IMGP0908
IMGP0399 IMGP0925 IMGP0402 IMGP0955 IMGP0624 IMGP0972