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  32nd SHAHZADA MEMORIAL 400km 2012
THURSDAY 30 August 2012

Here are some of my photos. There are many more, so please email me if you can't see the one you want and I will send you thumbnails. The printed image is of much higher quality than that shown on the screen.
Click on picture to see enlarged image.

IMGP5428 IMGP5204 IMGP5205 IMGP5209 IMGP5211a
IMGP5430 IMGP5216 IMGP5247 IMGP5222 IMGP5229
IMGP5443 IMGP5250 IMGP5253 IMGP5270 IMGP5277
IMGP5448 IMGP5283 IMGP5554 IMGP5288 IMGP5290
IMGP5455 IMGP5293 IMGP5303 IMGP5317a IMGP5328
IMGP5341a IMGP5346 IMGP5243 IMGP5359 IMGP5366a
IMGP5368 IMGP5380 IMGP5388 IMGP5409 IMGP5411
IMGP5418 IMGP5420 IMGP5414 IMGP5465 IMGP5494
IMGP5496 IMGP5503 IMGP5506
IMGP5513 IMGP5521 IMGP5547