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  32nd SHAHZADA MEMORIAL 400km 2012
FRIDAY 31 August 2012

Here are some of my photos. There are many more, so please email me if you can't see the one you want and I will send you thumbnails. The printed image is of much higher quality than that shown on the screen.
Click on picture to see enlarged image.

IMGP5566 IMGP5577 IMGP5580 IMGP5588 IMGP5592
IMGP4951 IMGP4439 IMGP5568
IMGP5593 IMGP5598 IMGP5599 IMGP5601 IMGP5607
IMGP5602 IMGP5654 IMGP5658 IMGP5679
IMGP5609 IMGP5616 IMGP5619 IMGP5628 IMGP5633
IMGP5636 IMGP5667 IMGP5675 IMGP5681
IMGP5693 IMGP5698 IMGP5706