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  2013 The Q60 Endurance & Trainer Rides at Upper Colo NSW
Sunday 14 April 2013

Here is a selection of my photos. I took many more at the event; email me your bib number, horse colour and any other identifying details and I will send out thumbnails, all of which are available as high resolution jpegs or prints.
Click on picture to see an enlarged image.
The printed image is of much higher quality than that shown on the screen.

IMGP1950 IMGP1988 IMGP2015 IMGP2030 IMGP2032
IMGP2038 IMGP2012 IMGP2082 IMGP2055
IMGP2065 IMGP2070 IMGP2078 IMGP2088 IMGP2096
IMGP2173 IMGP1957 IMGP2050 IMGP2071 IMGP2123 IMGP2136
IMGP2132 IMGP2144 IMGP2151 IMGP2153 IMGP2164
IMGP2192 IMGP2328 IMGP2231 IMGP2253 IMGP2308 IMGP2321
IMGP2167 IMGP2188 IMGP2212 IMGP2216 IMGP2225
IMGP2236 IMGP2242 IMGP2248 IMGP2264 IMGP2270
IMGP2277 IMGP2280 IMGP2288 IMGP2304 IMGP2309
IMGP2203 IMGP2316 IMGP2326 IMGP2342