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  2013 NSWERA State Championships in Manilla
11/12 May 2013

Here is a selection of my photos; I took many more at the event. Email me your bib number, horse colour and any other identifying details and I will send out thumbnails, all of which are available as high resolution jpegs or prints. The printed image is of much higher quality than that shown on the screen.
Click on picture to see an enlarged image.

IMGP2524 IMGP2584 IMGP3168 IMGP2788 IMGP2850
IMGP2628 IMGP2649 IMGP3173 IMGP2674 IMGP3047
IMGP2689 IMGP2703 IMGP2729 IMGP2808 IMGP3092
IMGP2505 IMGP2582 IMGP2495 IMGP2515 IMGP2548
IMGP2830 IMGP2913 IMGP2927 IMGP2501 IMGP2796
IMGP2599 IMGP2610 IMGP2765 IMGP2753 IMGP2750
IMGP2942 IMGP2953 IMGP2886 IMGP2964 IMGP2802
IMGP2980 IMGP2989 IMGP3107 IMGP2997 IMGP3007
IMGP3010 IMGP3020 IMGP3112 IMGP3025 IMGP3037
IMGP2699 IMGP2822 IMGP3081 IMGP2832 IMGP2895
IMGP2775 IMGP2857 IMGP3090 IMGP2636 IMGP3063